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We are looking for guest to share their experience and/or field of expertise on mental health, overall wellness and self-care.   If you would like to share your expertise on an episode of The Purple Butterfly Podcast, click here.  We appreciate your time, and we make every effort to get back in touch with everyone we feel is a good fit.  Look forward to chatting with you! 

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Barb Nangle
Higher Power Coaching

I really enjoyed chatting with Danielle on her podcast - that's just what it felt like, a chat between like-minded women. I appreciate the opportunity to share my experience with her audience 😊


Onnie Michalsky
Mom's Without Capes

Danielle is an amazing podcast host and as a guest, I felt immediately relaxed and at ease during my interview. Our conversation went so well that afterwards, I offered to have her as a guest on my own podcast! If you are considering appearing on The Purple Butterfly Podcast, I urge you to go for it- you won't be disappointed!

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Corrina Dunn
Flexible Soul Yoga

Danielle is an awesome interviewer! From the beginning she was laid back and personable. It felt like I was having coffee with a girlfriend instead of being interviewed. There was so much laughing and relatability it was awesome!

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Henry Gaskins
Chrysalis Transformational Coaching Service LLC

Ms. Danielle is as insightful as she is intelligent. She holds space for her guests and I suspect she does the same for her clients. I am honored to work with her. She's very intelligent, yet personable. She allowed me the space to share my views without challenging them.