Danielle Turner, LCSW, author and self-care coach, is the CEO and owner of Inner You Clinical Services, LLC, plus the creator and administrator of the Inner You Self-Care private Facebook group for women. She holds a master’s degree of social work from Springfield College and is a certified trauma-informed individual and group therapist trained in cognitive behavioral therapy. Danielle is also a psychiatric clinician for Hartford Healthcare and a clinical content writer for other mental health professionals. You can hear Danielle discuss a number of mental health and self-care topics on The Purple Butterfly Podcast and read her work on the Inner You Self-Care blog. Danielle’s mission is to empower others to work through mental health challenges and become the best version of themselves through self-care. In 2021, Danielle was named one of the 100 Women of Color for community service. She resides in Connecticut with her son.

You can connect with Danielle at danielleturner@inneryoullc.com, or visit her website at www.inneryoullc.com, Facebook and Instagram: inneryouclinicalservicesllc Tik Tok: inneryoullc