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Group Therapy 

Group Therapy 

Inner You Clinical Services offers group therapy to individuals who prefer peer support. Groups are held in a safe and nurturing environment, where each group member is able to process, learn and gain peersupport needed to work through life stressors.  We accept insurance for our mental health groups. Only self-pay accepted for self-care groups.  Groups include:


  • Self-care that works for mothers Group(self-pay)

  • Men’s mental health Group

  • Young adult mental wellness Group

  • Women’s Depression/Anxiety Group

Our group schedule for 2024 is TBD. Subscribe to our mailing list to be the first to know about group dates and times.


Support group

8 Years of Group Practice Work

Our Approach

Our approach to group therapy services is centered around the client in mind. We believe that each individual is unique, and that the best way to help people heal is to be aware of their needs and work together with them to ensure their growth and self-care.

Our clients are encouraged to be vulnerable, as this is an important part of healing and growth. We create a warm and inviting environment for our clients where they can feel safe enough to explore their feelings and experiences, as well as find support from others who are going through similar things.

Our groups are guided by therapeutic interventions that meet each group's needs. This means that we don't just throw you into a room full of strangers: we take time to get to know everyone in order to make sure that everyone feels comfortable sharing their story in a safe environment.

We also provide peer support within our groups, so that members can learn from one another how to cope with challenges and how they've overcome them in the past.

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