Inner You Clinical Services LLC was born in 2018. My mission is to help adults both men and women overcome challenges in their lives due to anxiety and depression related to trauma by helping them develop necessary tools to manage symptoms in an appropriate and productive manner, where they are heard, seen, and understood, so they can take back control of their mind, body and spirt and enjoy the life they want and deserve.  See I have and still do experience challenges related to anxiety and depression and that's my superpower, I am relatable.  I been there done that and then some. Inner You Clinical Services LLC is a place of hope, encouragement, transformation, and growth, henceforth the purple butterflies in the logo.  Everyone who knows me knows I love butterflies as they represent transforming into something beautiful through struggle. And why not purple butterflies, not only does purple mean royalty but it's my favorite color. At Inner You Clinical Services LLC, this is what I do, transform lives through therapy, workshops, empowerment groups, self-care coaching, speaking engagements, books, clinical supervision and how can I forget The Purple Butterfly Podcast. Healing starts from within the inner you. Healing and self-care is not just a job it’s my passion.

- Danielle 

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