• Danielle Turner LCSW

Busy but not productive!

Self care..

As I was sitting in my office today taking some time out for myself between clients, I started to get anxious and feel like I should be doing something for those few minutes despite not taking or eating lunch and seeing clients back back for 5 hours. But then I realized I needed to take care of me, sit down, rest, recharge and restore myself for the rest of my clients in the evening. My mind automatically went to "why is it not ok to just sit down Danielle?" The only answer I could give myself is that I am always trying to multitask and get all the things on my "to do" list done that I forget all those task can't be done if I am depleted. My love had to sit me down today to reminded me that being busy does not mean being productive. I appreciate him for that reminder because we can get so wrapped up in doing task that we forget we are really not making progress or getting things done. It is more like walking in circles. Taking a break from our too do list and task throughout the day not only helps us be more productive it is also part of self care. There is a reason why employers give you lunch breaks....take them. Be more aware of doing unimportant task that are not working towards your overall goal. In other words is it more productive to delete emails from your spam folder when you have a major project due? Probably not. Being able to triage task into categories of "most important" to '"it can wait till later" can be helpful. And again it is part of self care. Being productive over busy ensures that you are taking care of you. Taking those needed breaks to recharge throughout your day is self care. Being able to prioritize is self care. Being more productive and smashing your goals is self care. So I allowed myself to sit longer, ate a late lunch, did some self reflection and played games on my phone. I recharged my mind and was ready to give my best to my clients. That's called self care. As always stay safe, stay well and take care of you. Until next time.

- Danielle

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