• Danielle Turner LCSW


Self-care was a mystery to me, what it was, how I achieved it and could I afford it. I was always told self-care was about bubble baths, taking a walk and going to the spa. But what happens if I can’t afford a luxurious spa day, only have a shower and/or not mobile enough to take a walk? Does that mean that I can’t take care of myself? I had to really sit and think about what self-care meant to me, I listened to my clients about the things they did for themselves, asked my friends, did my research and thought outside the box. I love to educate myself so I also looked up the definition of self-care and learned that self-care means the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, that self-care is deliberate and self-initiated. So if self-care is taking an active role in protecting my happiness and well-being, shouldn’t I do things that actually make me happy and not what society says self-care is? And that is exactly what I started doing…what makes me happy. Self-care for me is not only the traditional routines and activities that we are told to do but also things that feel good to my soul. Things like saying no, setting boundaries, being intentional with my thoughts and words, relaxing, sleeping (nothing like a good nap) and most importantly helping others. Learning to love myself is also a huge part of my self-care routine (still a work in progress, but working on it). Starting Inner You Self Care Company was not only about me learning to take care of me, but also out of a desire to help others learn to prioritize themselves. Even small intentional acts like using essential oils, saying positive affirmations, using a stress ball, drinking some nice hot tea, practicing gratitude and loving on self can achieve happiness. I challenge you to think outside the box when it comes to self-care, self-reflect on the things that make you happy and start putting those things into your daily routine. Until next time Inner You family stay well, stay safe and take care of you.


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