• Danielle Turner LCSW

Inner Self-Care....How to Take Care of the Parts No One Sees

When we think of self-care, we automatically think of bubble baths, exercise, reading, journaling, etc. All those things are great for taking care of ourselves but what about taking care of the parts of ourselves that no one sees? Those parts that you must sit with, live with, maintain, and love on to have overall good health. There are five areas of overall health.

Emotional health - the ability to cope with positive and negative emotions in a healthy way.

Physical health - the physical/body. Good physical health means the ability to recover from illness. Having good body strength and bring free from disease.

Mental Health - how our mind deals with stress. The ability to think, learn and understand our emotions.

Spiritual health - the ability to find peace, meaning and purpose in life.

Social Health - the ability to form satisfying interpersonal relationships with others.

It’s easy to say I am practicing self-care when we take time out of our day to do good things for ourselves and practice activities that have a positive impact on overall health. Physical, mental and social health are things that are tangible. You know you have good physical health when you are not sick and have good body strength. You know you have good social health when your relationship with other are thriving. Good mental health can be seen when you can handle stress. It is not always easy to work on the inside health, emotional and spiritual. Inner self-care is the ability to take care of the parts no one sees, our mindset, emotions, and peace.

Your mindset is crucial in influencing your life. Your personal and professional success is determined by your life perspective. Having a positive mindset increases the chances of having positive outcomes. It’s all in the way you think about things. Good emotional health is the ability to deal with both positive and negative emotions and to be aware of them. When we are emotionally healthy, we can handle negative emotions with appropriate coping skills and regulate our emotions. Spiritual health is about finding peace and purpose in our lives which can be difficulty to do at times. Having the ability to know your purpose, know your why and be at peace with that is an amazing thing. Something we all should strive to have.

We must practice self-care, which means to literally address yourself and your needs. Self-care is how you have good social, physical, spiritual, mental and emotional health. Inner self-care is critical and needed just as much as eating healthy, working out and having positive relationships. Inner self-care looks like:

  • saying no

  • setting boundaries

  • not making excuses

  • self-reflection

  • having good social connections

  • treating self with kindness

  • taking care of self

  • affirming self

  • believing in self

  • advocating for self

  • having self-compassion

By practicing inner self-care work, you will find peace, know your purpose, be able to recognize and handle your emotions as well as have a positive mindset. Ways to practice inner self-care include:

  • Meditation

  • Dating yourself

  • Affirming self with positive affirmations

  • Challenging your inner critic

  • Leaving toxic relationships

  • Putting yourself first

  • Saying no

It is not always easy to do, as practicing inner self-care requires setting boundaries and sticking to them. It also requires self-reflection and ability to not only challenge negative thought patterns about yourself and the world but to change them. Although the work may be hard, it is beneficial and worth it. At the end of the day, the overall goal is to have optimal overall health in all areas and take care of self. Try incorporating small changes into your self-care routines so that you do not get overwhelmed. Consistency is also key, even when there is a lack of motivation, continue to practice self-care. Putting ourselves first is not always easy with the demands of life, however working on your inner self-care can help make the demands of life a little easier to handle. Let me know how your inner self-care work is going for you and what inner self-care ideas have you put in place that have been most beneficial in the comments. As always until next time stay safe, stay well, and take care of you.


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