• Danielle Turner LCSW

Receptive and Open...I Know I Am

It been a while since I posted a blog. Sorry for my delay in staying on top of this. It has been a busy summer with work, life, family and living my best summer life. One thing I have been doing all summer is being receptive to new things, new ideas, new friendship and new opportunities. Being receptive can be difficult, but it is important to be open and willing to receive all that comes your way. What does being receptive even mean? According to Merriam Webster Dictionary being receptive means the ability to receive, being open and responsive to ideas, impressions or suggestions. A receptive person is open, awake and actively able to learn, grow and take in what positivity the universe has to offer. When we are not receptive we are often overwhelmed, stuck, may feel hopeless and anxious which causes us to align with the idea of lack – not having enough, not being enough, not enough of whatever it is we think we should have. Being receptive helps us to be open, know the possibilities and allow things to come our way. When we are not receptive we are unable to put ourselves first, always need to make other’s feel better, not allow ourselves to accept compliments, we stop enjoying small things like hugs and affection and we sometimes are unable to be fulfilled by the appreciation given to us by others. We may not even notice that we are being appreciated because we are closed off. Being receptive allows for appreciation, love, joy, spontaneity, possibilities we have not yet explored and different ways of perceiving things. Being receptive helps us learn trust, be non-judgmental and allow others to love and appreciate us. There are many ways to learn how to be receptive, below are 6 ways that I have incorporated in my life to help me be more receptive:

1. Have an open mind. Be willing to see things differently and have a new perspective. Even though something might be unknown to you, does not mean that it is wrong or it won’t work.

2. Step outside of your comfort level. Yes, this can be scary and cause anxiety, however stepping out of your comfort zone allows you to try new things, learn new skills and gain new knowledge and inspiration. Great things can happen when we push ourselves. On the other side of fear can be greatness.

3. Let go of expectations and the “supposed to’s”. Letting go of the strict rules we have developed for ourselves over the years and letting things flow at times can lead to great opportunities. Not allowing ourselves to believe that something has to always go as planned and the way we expect, allows us to be open. Just because it did not go the way we planned does not mean it won’t be a good experience.

4. Be mindful. Be present in the moment, the here and now. This allows you to be open to what is around you.

5. Recognize abundance. Recognize that there is something to receive and gain.

6. Have a positive mindset. Everything starts with our mind. If we are negative, our experiences, our life and opportunities will tend to be negative. If we are positive we will strive to learn, grow and gain positive experiences and relationships.

Being receptive is important and can lead to great things in our lives. Make being receptive a part of your self-care routine. Be intentional about your ability to be open, be willing to have a different perspective, let go of what you expect, recognize and be grateful for what you already have, be mindful and present and most importantly be open to new ideas, new relationships, new opportunities and new knowledge. In order to get the things we want in life, we have to be willing to receive them when it presents itself and in order to do that we have to be open and receptive. I know I am. Until next time, stay safe, stay well and take care of you.

- Danielle

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