• Danielle Turner LCSW

Taking care of business

Being a business owner can be both rewarding and scary. The rewards are you make the rules (well most of them), you make your schedule and you are the boss. The downside can be the hustle mentally most people adopt, feeling alone especially when you are a one-man business and being the only one to sink or swim should things go south. If you have employees, you are now responsible for other adults and the way they manage task can greatly impact your business. This year my theme word was growth and boy have I grown. My practice is flourishing to where I am turning away potential clients, I started a podcast, I have networked and developed great relationships that have keep me motivated, grounded, and helped me grow. I am even working with a business coach to help further grow my business, develop my brand, and turn my merchandise into profitable revenue. In my personal life I have grown as well, taking my health more seriously, strengthen my relationship with myself and working harder on maintaining good mental health. It's been a lot, a lot of growth both as a business owner and personally. Despite my achievements and growth there are times where that hustle mentally kicks in and I just go and go. Forgetting to take care of me and not being consistent with my self-care routines sometimes creeps in. For me growth is also about knowing yourself, your needs and what gets you going. Growth is about knowing you're "why". My "why" is helping individuals who struggle with mental health issues find appropriate ways to manage symptoms to have the life they want and deserve. One way I help clients is by teaching them self-care skills and how to slow down when needed. Being able to recognize the need to slow down and take care of self is growth. Taking time out of a hectic day to engage in self-care is growth. Having a variety of self-care skills to utilize at any time is growth. Saying no and setting boundaries is growth. Having an abundance mindset is growth. See growth and self-care go hand in hand. How can you grow in areas of your life if you are not taking care of yourself? This is something that I must remind myself, I cannot grow without self-care. So, when I fall back at times with my self-care, I intentionally get back to taking care of me, resting, putting the computer down, leaving the office on time, saying no to plans and doing what makes me feel good and impacts me in a healthy way. Growth happens over time and can be challenging, which is even more a reason to stay consistent with self-care. We cannot be on point in our lives and maintain healthy work boundaries whether self-employed or an employee without self-care. Some many say that is not true, that we can just keep going and going without putting yourself first, but why would you? Self-care helps reduce stress, decreases symptoms of anxiety and depression, improves self-confidence, and teaches us what's important. Wouldn't you want to be the best version of yourself at all times including in your work setting? Self-care helps you do just that. I am being intentional about getting back on track with my self-care, which means this weekend the computer gets shut down and me time gets turned up. Being intentional about taking care of yourself, promotes healthy work boundaries and growth in all areas of your life. There are even things you can put into practice throughout your work day to take of self. Doing things like taking your lunch break away from your work space, getting up from your work space every so often to stretch, taking a short walk, drinking water throughout the day, taking some deep breaths when feeling stress and using PTO time (yes like actually scheduled time off) are all part of self-care. Growing a business can be stressful and draining despite the rewards of being a business owner and doing the work you enjoy. This is why self-care is important and necessary. Tell me in the comments about how you have grown over the last 10 months and how you have incorporated self-care into your growth process. Until next time, stay safe, stay well and keep taking care of you. - Danielle 🦋

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