Inner ME Self-Care Coaching

Ask Yourself:

1. Do you find it hard to incorporate self-care into your life?

2. Do you feel guilty if you do something nice for yourself?

3. Do you feel that self-care is selfish?

4. Do you prioritize other people's needs before your own needs?

5. Have you tried self-care routines unsuccessfully?

6. Do you start a self-care routine and not stay consistent? 

If you answered yes to any of those question, I can help!

Self-care coaching is not therapy as coaching does not focus on treating mental illness.  Instead, it takes a holistic approach to help individuals dealing with an inability to engage in self-care.  I am Danielle Turner a transformational self-care coach for working professional women who are ready
to transform their lives through self-care. I struggled with taking care of myself and allowed negative
thoughts to over take my life. This was because I was overly stressed, feeling burnout and doing more for other’s than myself. I struggled for years until I learned the value of self-care and how important self- care is to have a purpose driven life.


As a transformational self-care coach, I assist women with the skills to reframe, rebalance and reclaim
their wellness, so they can release the guilt associated with taking care of themselves and step into their
true power. Yes self-care is how you take you power back! With my guidance, you can create the
lifestyle that serves your soul, so you can live with freedom and flow.


My 1:1 coaching program combines mindset, soulful self-care and behavioral activation to help you
reduce feeling overwhelmed and anxious, reignite your sense of purpose and become productive and
aligned with your vision for a meaningful life. If you are ready to create healthier habits, find calm in
chaos and develop a true foundation for self-care, then let’s work together to start your journey
towards a life of fulfilment.

The Inner ME Self-Care Coaching Program is a 1:1 confidential coaching relationship. During our time
together we will uncover the goals and values that are most important for your life and will work
towards recognizing current self-care habits or lack of self-care that is leaving you depleted and develop
an achievable and sustainable self-care plan. 

My role as a self-care coach is to help individuals:

  • Identify the issues and barriers to self-care

  • Recognize negative thought patterns to self-care

  • Identify toxic habits and behaviors

  • Hold individuals accountable

  • Plan out realistic turning points to progress

  • Create attainable action steps

  • Recognize passions, resources and motivation 

  • Developing a personalized self-care plan

  • Setting sustainable self-care goals

  • Live a life that is intentional and purposeful

  • Shifting mindset from guilt to acceptance

  • Learning the difference between self-care and soul-care

  • Developing a sustainable plan to care for both self and your soul

Inner ME Self-Care Coaching is a 3-month long program with biweekly 1:1 sessions and weekly phone check-ins. The program also includes written materials, weekly behavioral activation activities, client portal for assignments and so much more. We work on creating your own specialized self-care kit with items tailored specifically for you. The only requirement is your time, readiness for change and an open mindset. The Inner ME Self-Care Coaching Program cost a one-time reduced payment of $1497 or 4 payments of $424.25 for a total of $1697.

Let’s work together to make self-care a top priority in your life to decrease

Self-care is necessary and not selfish!

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  • 3 month coaching services

  • 1:1 coaching sessions per month (2x)

  • Weekly check-ins

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Self-care Tool Kit


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