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Inner You Clinical Services offers clinical supervision (100 hours) to individuals seeking licensure (LCSW) in the State of Connecticut.  Clinical supervision is held weekly to assist supervisee in learning from their casework and professional issues as well as to assist supervisee with providing competent services to clients.  Learning is applied to planning work, diagnostic work and therapeutic work.

Social Work Consultation is offered to already licensed therapist seeking assistance with their current caseloads and/or development and improvement of policies and procedures within their practice. 

Young Businesswomen

8 Years of Supervision Work

Our Approach

At Inner You Clinical Services we believe that supervision is an important part of the learning process for a social worker. It is a vital part of their training and development, which helps them to learn how to work with clients and support them throughout their journey.

Our approach to supervision is guided by the following principles:

-Supervision should be a learning experience for all participants

-Open communication between supervisor and social worker is essential for effective supervision

-The supervisor and social worker should work together to identify ways in which the social worker can improve their practice and be more effective with clients

-Supervision should focus on helping practitioners learn from their experience. The goal of supervision is not simply to provide a critique or evaluation of the social worker’s performance, but rather to help them improve their ability to provide good services to clients.

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