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Workshops/Speaking Engagements

Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Inner You Clinical Services works with agencies, companies and events to speak on various topics related to self-care and mental health.   As a mental health and wellness speaker, I believe it's my responsibility to help others understand the importance of self-care and prevention of burnout. My signature topics include:

-how to stay mentally healthy under stress

-how to recognize when you're starting to burn out, and what you can do about it

-why it's important to take care of yourself before you take care of others

-mental wellness so you can be your best self all the time


-how to prevent burnout as a therapist


-Self-Care 101

- 5 Steps to Jumpstart Your Self-Care Journey

- How To Become the Queen You Are with Self-Care  

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Best -Selling Author | Podcast Host | Speaker

Signature Topics

As an author and podcast host, I've been able to help people learn about mental health, self-care, overall wellness and ways to prevent burnout. As a motivational speaker, I'm able to share my message with organizations, women groups and other practitioners that want to make sure their attendees are learning about these topics as well.

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