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Workshops/Speaking Engagements

Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Inner You Clinical Services works with agencies, companies and events to speak on various topics related to self-care and mental health.   Our  signature topics include:

Self-Care 101

5 Steps to Jumpstart Your Self-Care Journey

How To Become the Queen You Are with Self-Care  

Empowering Our Minds: Confronting Stigma and Cultivating Self-Care

Finding Your Essence: Self-Care Through Life Transitions 

Preventing Burnout as a Practitioner 

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Best -Selling Author | Podcast Host | Speaker

Signature Topics

As an author, podcast host, and speaker, I have dedicated myself to spreading awareness and knowledge about mental health, self-care, and overall wellness. Through various platforms and speaking engagements, I strive to empower individuals, organizations, women groups, and practitioners with the tools they need to prevent burnout and foster a healthy lifestyle. 

Through my podcast and speaking engagements, I emphasize the significance of self-care rituals and provide practical guidance on incorporating them into our daily lives. From mindfulness practices to setting boundaries, we explore the transformative effects of self-care on our mental, emotional, and physical health.

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