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Inner You Clinical Services LLC

Healing Starts From Within

 Founded in 2018

Inner You Clinical Services was founded in 2018, by Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Danielle Turner. Inner You Clinical Services was created to provide therapeutic interventions to the community as a whole, where each individual who comes in for services, can be heard, seen, validated and understood on their healing journey. We work with each individual collaboratively, to develop treatment goals and objectives.  We believe that therapy works best when there is strength-based approach.


Danielle Turner, LCSW

My Vision

Hi, I am Danielle Turner, LCSW, CEO, Podcast Host, Best-selling Author, Speaker and Self-Care Advocate. In 2012, I went through my own wellness challenges with depression and anxiety that had a significant impact on my life and my day-to-day functioning. I knew that I needed help and that I needed to make changes in my life to improve my overall outlook, which was pretty bleak at the time. I did this by going to therapy and learning to prioritize myself with self-care. It was not an easy healing journey and there were some ups and downs.


I was able to move through those ebbs and flows to get to a better place mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. I knew that my mission was to help others who also faced mental wellness challenges to move through the ebbs and flows on their healing journey. For me what was important was working with a therapeutic team that understood, saw me, heard me and validated me. It was important for my team to include me in the process and give me a say in what my treatment looked like. I mean who else knows me better than me.


This is the same model that we use at Inner You Clinical Services, LLC. A model of inclusion, healing and growth, where you are a part of
team. My vision for myself as well as every member of the Inner You Clinical Services team be inclusive of their clients in a culturally competent and nurturing environment, where each person can
feel safe to work on healing the whole person.

Myself and my team look forward to working with you and being a part of your therapeutic team. Please feel free to reach out to me, I am here to help. You can reach me at:
Facebook and Instagram: inneryouclinicalservicesllc
TikTok: inneryoullc

LinkedIn: Danielle Turner
- Danielle

I want everyone to know the value of self-care so they can live a life of easy and flow!

- Danielle Turner


Danielle Turner LCSW

Who I AM

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Connecticut. I am certified trauma informed therapist working with adults aged 18 and over, providing one to one individual therapy services. I hold a
Master’s degree in Social Work from Springfield College. I am the CEO and founder of Inner You Clinical Services LLC. I have 15+ years of experience in the mental health field and have experience working with:

Child Protection | Adoption Services | Sexual Abuse Services | Family Therapy Services | Group Therapy Services | Children and Adolescent Therapy Services | Psychiatric Services/Hospital setting
Assessment and Diagnosis | Intensive Outpatient Program | Partial Hospitalization Program | In-home Therapy Services | 1:1 Coaching |
Self-Care Advocacy | Consultation | Supervision | Content Creation

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