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 Individual Therapy 

Individual Therapy Services

Inner You Clinical Services offers individual therapy services to help individuals work through personal issues they are facing.  These issues include:

Depression | Anxiety | Trauma | Work/Life Balance | Stress | BIPOC Issues | Relationship Concerns

Services are offered in a non-judgmental environment, that promotes healing the mind, body and spirit. Services are offered in-person or via tele-health for individuals residing in the state of Connecticut.  Weekly, biweekly or month individual therapy sessions are offered in 30-minute, 45-minute or 60-minute increments. We accept insurance and self-pay.

Insurances we accept:




-Cash, Credit Card 


Seating Area

 15 Years of Practice

Our Approach

Our approach to individual therapy services is client-centered, meaning we want to know and understand you as a person. We believe that your health and growth are important to you and that your needs should be at the center of our work together.

We see therapy as an opportunity for healing, growth, and self-care. It's also a supportive environment where you can feel safe enough to be vulnerable—to share your struggles and ask for help in getting through them. We work with you to build skills for living well in this world, but also for coping with stressors like anxiety or depression.

Our therapeutic interventions are designed to meet your needs in ways that are tailored specifically for you as an individual—not cookie-cutter approaches that don't take into account who you are or what makes sense for your life right now.

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