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Inner Harmony Self-Care Group Coaching

Inner Harmony Self-Care Group Coaching

During life transitions, such as divorce, separation, or other significant changes, women often find themselves feeling lost and unsure about their future. They may struggle to identify their life purpose, set meaningful goals, and make decisions aligned with their values. This lack of clarity can contribute to feelings of confusion, overwhelm, and dissatisfaction.

Inner Harmony Self-Care Group Coaching program specifically designed for women in these circumstances helps them address this problem by providing guidance, support, and tools to gain clarity and find a new sense of direction. Through self-reflection exercises, exploration of values, and goal-setting strategies, the Inner Harmony coaching program assists women in reconnecting with their true desires and aspirations. By facilitating a deeper understanding of themselves, their strengths, and their passions, the program empowers women to make conscious choices and take meaningful steps towards creating a fulfilling and purpose-driven life.

By solving the problem of lack of clarity and direction, the Inner Harmony coaching program enables women to navigate life transitions with confidence, make informed decisions, and cultivate a sense of purpose and fulfillment. It empowers them to take control of their lives, embrace change, and create a future that aligns with their authentic selves. Ultimately, the Inner Harmony coaching program helps women in transition find closure, peace, and a renewed sense of self-care as they embark on their journey of personal growth and transformation.


Our signature 4 step self-care process (Refocus, Reset, Restart, Renew) has been created to help individuals jumpstart their self-care after a challenging life transitions and learn to prioritize themselves.


Coaching services are self-pay.

We offer monthly payment plans.


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7 Years of Coaching Work

Our Approach

Our approach to self-care coaching is client-centered. We start by learning about your life, goals, and challenges. Then we work with you to develop strategies and actions that fit with your lifestyle and needs.

We believe in a holistic approach to self-care: mind, body, spirit. We encourage you to learn about the different aspects of self-care and how they can be integrated into your life. This way, you'll have a better understanding of what works for you and what doesn't—and you'll be able to apply that knowledge in other areas of your life as well!

We offer accountability, encouragement, and learning through our coaching process. You'll receive regular check-ins from us so we can track your progress over time, but also because we want to support you through this process as much as possible! We're here for you every step of the way!

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