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Inner You Clinical Services LLC

At Inner You Clinical Services, LLC, we believe that therapy should be a welcoming, warm experience that allows you to feel comfortable and supported as you take the first steps on your journey toward healing, growth and self-care. We know that it can be hard to open up about your innermost thoughts and feelings, so we work hard to create an environment where you can feel free to be vulnerable, and where you know the people around you are there for the same reason: healing.

We also recognize that therapy is an investment in yourself—an investment that will pay off over time as you learn new tools and techniques for coping with life's challenges. That's why we provide all of our clients with self-care resources like guided meditations and breathing exercises so they can take care of themselves outside of sessions as well


Book a free 15-minute consultation and let's talk about how we can help you on your healing journey.  

Our Mission

Our Mission

We at Inner You Clinical Services are all about helping you heal your inner child, whether you are a grown up or a little one. We firmly believe that everyone who walks through our doors should leave feeling seen, heard, validated and understood because healing starts from within.

Our Vision

Inner You Clinical Services will be in five years standing as a premier destination for holistic healing, where mind, body and spirit find healing and harmony. 

Our Values

At Inner You Clinical Services we value:

  • Dignity

  • Integrity

  • Innovation

  • Accessibility

  • Cultural Competence

  • Compassion

  • Collaboration

There is no greater agony then bearing an untold story inside.

- Maya Angelou

I Know Why The Cage Bird Sings 

A safe space where you are heard, seen, validated and understood. 

Are you searching for peace in your life?  Are symptoms of depression and anxiety taking a toll on your overall wellness? Are life stressors bring you down and become unbearable?

If you are experiencing emotional, mental, physical and spiritual conflict or if you are having difficulty with interpersonal skills and relationships, our team can provide you the insight and support to move through these difficulty experiences. 

We use trauma-informed therapeutic interventions to help you decrease symptoms of anxiety and depression.   We collaborate with you on your treatment and use a strength-based perspective in our treatment approaches.  

Our approach is holistic: we believe that mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected, so we strive for balance in all three areas when working with our clients. Our goal is for each person who walks through our doors to find healing from whatever is causing them pain or stress—whether that means resolving an issue from childhood or learning how to cope with anxiety or depression in adulthood.

Inner You Clinical Services, LLC cultivates a safe, empowering, supportive and healing space where you learn the skills needed to work towards your healing journey. 

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