Inner You Clinical Services LLC was born in 2018 to help individuals overcome mental health challenges in their lives by helping them develop necessary tools to manage symptoms in an appropriate and productive manner, where they are heard, seen, and understood, so they can take back control of their mind, body and spirit and enjoy the life they want and deserve.  Inner You Clinical Services LLC is a place of hope, encouragement, transformation, and growth, henceforth the purple butterflies in the logo.  Butterflies represent transforming into something beautiful through struggle. And why not purple butterflies, as purple means royalty. Inner You Clinical Services LLC transforms lives through therapy, workshops, empowerment groups, self-care coaching, speaking engagements, books, clinical supervision and The Purple Butterfly Podcast. Healing starts from within the inner you.


Danielle Turner, LCSW, best-selling author, therapist, podcast host and self-care advocate, is the CEO and owner of Inner You Clinical Services, LLC, plus the creator and administrator of the Inner You Self-Care private Facebook group for women. She holds a master’s degree of social work from Springfield College and is a certified trauma-informed individual and group therapist trained in cognitive behavioral therapy. Danielle is also a psychiatric clinician for Hartford Healthcare. You can hear Danielle discuss a number of mental health and self-care topics on The Purple Butterfly Podcast with weekly guest. Danielle’s mission is to empower others to work through mental health challenges and become the best version of themselves through self-care. In 2021, Danielle was named one of the 100 Women of Color for community service in the Stae of Connecticut. Danielle is the co-author of Blessed Not Broken, Vol 4 The Power of Letting Go and has created two workbooks, The Ultimate Inner You Self-Care Workbook and The Ultimate Inner You Morning Mindset Workbook. Danielle has been featured in Shoutout Atlanta Magazine, Voyage Dallas Magazine, Shoutout Orlando Magazine and featured as an expert in Fatherly Magazine. Danielle has been interviewed on several podcast discussing the importance of self-care.  Danielle is a graduate of the Knownpeuners Accelerated Business Growth Lab for BIPOC Small Business in Connecticut. Danielle's mission is to empower others to work through mental health challenges and become the best version of themselves through self-care.

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